Meet our graduates

Some of our recent graduates share their stories about working for us.


I joined Transpower in 2012 after graduating with an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Auckland. As a young graduate, I was eager to find out about the different opportunities offered by the power system industry. How would I learn and develop in a working environment? Where would my career take me? How would I use the knowledge and skills I obtained at university to give back to our communities? Transpower’s Graduate Programme helped me find those answers.

The various work opportunities offered by the Programme helped me better discover my personal strengths, and my career interests. I developed a great appreciation for Transpower’s purpose: to add value to New Zealand’s power system through our work with our stakeholders.

After the programme, I took a permanent position as a System Security Engineer. This role provides engineering support to ensure the security of our power system to keep the lights on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


I joined Transpower as an Engineering Graduate in early 2009 with a nervous apprehension about working in the electricity industry given my mechanical engineering background. What quickly became clear to me was how broad and diverse Transpower is and the complexity of getting electricity from the generator to the light switch. The graduate program offers opportunities that you are unlikely to find anywhere else in New Zealand. During my 2 year rotation I  worked on some of the biggest projects Transpower has undertaken (NIGUP 400kV new line), right down to the smallest maintenance tasks and everything in between.

Following the program I took a position as a Transmission Line Engineer and worked on several large projects from conception to construction. I was immersed in detailed design and field supervision. Recently I accepted the role of Manager of the Transmission Lines Asset Planning team. This team is responsible for the 15 year Asset Management Plan and ensures we plan and justify the work we do, whilst minimising the lifecycle costs of the assets. This role requires interaction across the business from the CEO to our Service Providers and is a very fulfilling role where I can directly influence the future of Transpower. The exposure I was afforded during my graduate program is a key contributor to my success in attaining this position and something I highly recommend to anyone looking to join the industry.


The Transpower Grad Programme is sought after because Transpower is a great place to work— people encourage your learning and are happy to share their knowledge with you. The programme is a great thing to be a part of as it essentially fast-tracks our careers in the power system industry- we try out many roles within a short space of time.

I get a taste for the various parts of the transmission business, and get to see what I like best. We get to do a whole bunch of workshops and go on courses that further our professional growth.  We can also choose to have contractor and consultant placements which means we know how our connected party’s work— it gives you an all-rounded experience.

Through this we have supportive graduate coordinators to make sure everything runs smoothly, and to track your growth and development, we have mentors within the business that we can get advice from, and we have an older graduate ‘buddy’ to help us settle in. I’m having a great time on the programme, and I highly recommend it if your interests are in the power system industry.


Photo of HasmitaI joined the Graduate Programme in 2005 after completing a degree in electrical engineering at Canterbury University. I chose Transpower because they offered an excellent graduate programme. The program allowed me to get a good overview of the business by working in various departments. I also had the opportunity to work at a consultancy, a distribution company, and a generator, to get a feel for the industry.

I was at Transpower for five and a half years before I left to do my OE in the UK. I was there for two years, working for an engineering consultancy firm. As my two year work visa was coming to an end, an AC stations engineering position at Transpower came up. I returned to Transpower because it has an excellent work environment with continued learning and growth available, and fun and interesting people to work with. I recently took up a management position, which is a whole new challenge!