We are excited to announced our 22 finalists across six award categories for Transpower’s inaugural Engineering and Technology Excellence Awards!

Congratulations to AECOM, Beca, Electrix, Gridworks, Mitton ElectroNet, Northpower, Solnet, Ventia, and several Transpower teams. 

Award category Description Our finalists
Engineering by design An individual, team or organisation that have demonstrated best practice engineering and technology by design to deliver an improved engineering and technology outcome.

AECOM: Karapiro 110kV equipment replacement and switchyard rationalisation

Northpower: Re-engineering tower refurbishment

Transpower: Generator reactive capability modelling
Investment in our industry future An individual, team or organisation that has made, or is making, a significant investment in the engineering and technology future of our industry.

Northpower: Attracting and growing talent for New Zealand’s new energy future

Transpower: Matai

Ventia: Ventia Transformer oil laboratory

Collaboration A collaboration that results in an improved project outcome, innovation, growth of our engineering and technology capability, or has a significant positive impact on progress towards our energy future.

AECOM: Frederick St 33kV cable and protection upgrade – detailed design

Gridworks: Competency assessment in a locked down world using connected worker technology

Transpower: Improving community wellbeing by researching and controlling noise from new overhead transmission line conductors

Transpower: Transmission Pricing Methodology (TPM) proposal to the Electricity Authority 

Sustainability An engineering or technology initiative or strategy that has or will provide long-term positive impacts on the environment.

Beca: Future proofing the New Zealand grid through sustainable innovations – Clutha Upper Waitaki Lines Project (CUWLP)

Transpower: Our SF6 Management Strategy to support NZ carbon emission reduction targets

Value engineering An engineering or technology project, initiative, innovation or strategy that demonstrates the greatest whole of life nett benefits that support our energy future.

Mitton ElectroNet: Speeding up electrification – the ElectroNet modular switch room solution (MOSS)

Transpower: Automated PL/SQL code conversion to Java (as part of Market System Simplification programme)

Transpower: Development of localised degradation model

Transpower: Extending the Canterbury Engineering (CE) outdoor disconnectors asset life to defer $17.5 million of capital expenditure per RCP

Transpower: Envision opportunities

Complex and challenging A complex engineering or technology challenge resolved in an elegant and straightforward manner.

Electrix: Cromwell container-based water-ballasted hurdle

Solnet: Transmission Pricing System

Transpower: The ICON life extension defect model

Transpower: Development of new benefit-based charge methodologies for a new Transmission Pricing Methodology

Ventia: Judgeford Tee protection upgrade – innovative new commissioning method

We received near 100 nominations. Our judges were impressed with the number and quality of the nominations, which made it particularly challenging to select the finalists. To all our nominators and nominees, please know your contribution to championing and celebrating excellence in engineering and technology in Aotearoa's transmission industry is greatly appreciated.
We now look forward to celebrating our finalists and announcing the winners at an awards ceremony on Wednesday, 2 November 2022. The ceremony will be at the Public Trust Hall in Wellington. Mike McRoberts is Master of Ceremony and a local jazz band, Twinset, will perform. We’ll share stories of pride and excellence and come together to strengthen connections, celebrate our craft, and congratulate the award winners.
A limited number of tickets will be available for purchase in a few weeks’ time, once finalists have confirmed their attendee numbers. You can email expressions of interest to EngTechAwards@transpower.co.nz.
Thank you to our wider industry whanau for your contribution and support of the awards so far. The awards are our chance to celebrate our industry’s engineering and technology specialists who demonstrate excellence and deliver outstanding solutions that empower the energy future. We want to shine a light on these people and celebrate their work.