Six award categories

Engineering by design

An individual, team or organisation that have demonstrated best practice engineering and technology by design to deliver an improved engineering and technology outcome. 

Investment in our industry future

An individual, team or organisation that has made, or is making, a significant investment in the engineering and technology future of our industry.


A collaboration that results in an improved project outcome, innovation, growth of our engineering and technology capability, or has a significant positive impact on progress towards our energy future.


An engineering or technology initiative or strategy that has or will provide long-term positive impacts on the environment.

Value engineering

An engineering or technology project, initiative, innovation or strategy that demonstrates the greatest whole of life nett benefits that support our energy future. 

Complex and challenging

A complex engineering or technology challenge resolved in an elegant and straightforward manner. 

Judging criteria

The judging panel considered:

Entry applicability How well entry fits the selected category.


How well and clearly the application is described.


Proof of change made.

Process Evidence of identifying the stakeholder, need, real issue to solve, constraints, alternatives, and solution development.

Quality execution

Evidence of addressing very complex criteria or unique issues, context challenges (for example location and conditions) without compromising safety, the need for out-of-ordinary technology or ingenuity, meeting time, budget and stakeholder needs.

More than needed

Does it show how engineering knowledge is applied, does it change engineering thinking or approach, does it change public awareness of engineering, does it provide wider secondary benefits to the organisation, public, community. 

Nomination process


Download the nomination form here [ docx 162.1 KB ]

Download our entry information brochure here [ pdf 1.38 MB ]

The nomination form was the same for all categories. There was an option to select which category the nomination was for, which had to be completed. Entrants were required to complete the nomination form and convert it to a .pdf format before submitting it. Supporting imagery, charts, figures must be included in the .pdf. Each .pdf submission must be <10MB. All nominations had to be submitted before 5pm, 26 August 2022 to We acknowledged receipt.


Recommendations when considering your nomination

When thinking about the awards we asked nominators to take time to consider the following:

  • Completing a nomination form is your chance to tell the story of nominees you think have delivered engineering and technology solutions with real and lasting impact.
  • How you tell the story is important and this often takes time and teamwork – winning nominations will be strategic, well-written, accurate and to the point. They will reflect the professionalism of those nominated.
  • These awards are designed to incapsulate brilliant engineering and technology work out in the field as well as in the office – whether it’s related to designing, building, operating, or maintaining the national grid. There is no ‘type’ of engineering or technology work that suits best.
  • Collaboration is cornerstone to our success, so be sure to consider cross-team and cross-organisational work. For all categories, nominees for one entry can come from several teams and/or organisations.
  • The focus is on appreciation of the technical outcome, which may be just one aspect or component of a wider project (that may not yet be complete) - it’s about recognising original solutions to engineering and technology issues.
  • The most suitable award category for your nomination (and be sure to include all the brilliant engineering and technology people involved).
  • Some nominations may include both engineering and technology specialists, while others are engineering or technology specific.
  • Your writing will need to be succinct and clear.

Entry criteria

  • The Engineering & Technology Excellence Awards are open to any Transpower employee or team undertaking engineering or technology work, and any engineering consultant panel member, service provider, other external consultant, contractor, or sub-contractor who is or has been involved in Transpower engineering and technology work within the last 5 years.
  • Third party award nominations must be made with the full knowledge and co-operation of the nominated individual, team, or organisation.
  • To nominate an individual, team or organisation for more than one category, separate nomination forms must be completed for each entry/category. Each entry will be treated as separate and must be relevant to the category.
  • All nominators must use the word template provided, convert their final version to .pdf and submit it to by 5pm 26 August 2022. Nominators will receive acknowledgement receipt of their submission.
  • Each entry will be judged on the information provided in the nomination form. Nomination forms must be completed in entirety and nominators must adhere to the identified word counts.
  • The judging panel reserves the right to request additional information and materials to support claims made in any nomination submitted. Information requested by judges must be provided within a specified timeframe to be considered.
  • All nominees and nominators must accept the judging panel’s decision as final - no subsequent correspondence regarding the judging process or criteria will be considered.
  • The judges undertake to observe the confidentiality of entries where required and to declare or avoid any potential conflict of interest.
  • Finalists will be notified on Friday, 30 September 2022 and encouraged to attend the awards ceremony on Wednesday, 2 November 2022. At least one person for each nomination selected as a finalist must agree to attend the awards ceremony. The cost of tickets, for non-Transpower employees, must be met by the individual, team or organisation. It is recommended this is an organisational expense.
  • Nominees not selected as finalists will also be notified on Friday, 30 September 2022. There will be a selected number of tickets available for purchase for the awards ceremony for these individuals, teams and/or organisations. We encourage attendance.
  • All finalists are required to submit materials to assist in the production of communication collateral for the awards. This may include audio-visual material and a high-resolution JPEG of an organisation’s logo. Transpower will be granted permission to use any material received at their discretion.
  • Transpower reserves the right to publish information contained in all nomination forms, which is not identified as confidential.  It is a nominee’s responsibility to clearly identify confidential information in their entry. Confidential information will only be viewed by those involved in the judging process and not published anywhere.