Apply to the CommunityCare Fund

Our CommunityCare Fund assists communities affected by Transpower's overhead transmission lines, by investing in local projects which add real value and long-term benefits to those communities.

Twice a year we make one-off grants up to the value of $15,000 towards community-based projects where the beneficiaries of those projects are located near our lines. This includes grants in the areas around New Zealand where we are carrying out major maintenance work on our assets as well as any new National Grid assets.

Before applying, be sure to check all bullet points in the funding criteria and feel free to contact us with any queries.     

Click here to apply for the Summer funding round.

How to apply

The application process is:

  • review your proposed project against the funding criteria below 
  • read the guide to completing the Expression of Interest webform   
  • submit an Expression of Interest (stage 1) during the month of April or October. Expressions of Interest for April are now closed.
  • if invited to do so, submit a Full Application (stage 2) using the link we email to you. The Full Application allows more detail to be provided about your organisation and your proposed project, and for supporting documents to be attached.

A detailed guide to both the Expression of Interest and Full Application stages is available below under Downloads

Stage 1: Expression of Interest 

Expressions of Interest can be submitted during the following months each year:

  • Summer funding round: during the month of October, closing 11:59pm on 31 October
  • Winter funding round: during the month of April, closing 11:59pm on 30 April.

Click here to apply for the Summer funding round.

These dates are the same each year.

We’ll then email you either inviting your organisation to complete a Full Application (stage 2) or informing that your Expression of Interest does not meet the funding criteria.

Before submitting an Expression of Interest, you are welcome to contact us to talk through your proposal and whether it meets the funding criteria. 

Stage 2: Full Application 

If invited, your Full Application will need to be submitted by:

  • Summer funding round: 11:59pm on 31 January
  • Winter funding round: 11:59pm on 31 July

These dates are the same each year.

A detailed guide to the Full Application form and supporting documents is available below under Downloads

When are Full Applications decided?

Our panel meet in March for the Summer round and in September for the Winter round to evaluate the proposals and determine which applications will be successful in receiving a grant. Applicants are notified either way shortly afterwards.

The funding criteria 

We recommend reviewing all bullet points in this section.

The following organisations are eligible to apply:

  • organisations or community groups that are independent, local and non-profit
  • non-government organisations
  • charities
  • kōhanga reo, schools, and educational institutions
  • iwi and hapū
  • local and regional councils, although an application received from the community is strongly encouraged.

The CommunityCare Fund will consider funding for:

  • projects in communities within 2km of our overhead lines and who are affected by our assets (you can check the distance from your project to our assets using this interactive map or simply phone or email us and we can advise)
  • one-off projects seeking a grant up to the value of $15,000
  • lasting projects that have wider-reaching benefits to the community
  • projects with a high level of community involvement and participation
  • committed projects with funds already raised from other sources.

The CommunityCare Fund will not consider funding for:

  • events
  • programmes or operational costs (e.g. salaries, administration costs, training, volunteer support, equipment hire, rent, bills, paying a project manager)
  • individuals, political organisations, or other foundations who make grants
  • projects generally funded by the government
  • projects that have already been completed
  • projects that may compromise Transpower's policies for managing the National Grid (e.g. a proposal to build too close or under our transmission lines)
  • organisations who have received a CommunityCare Fund grant in the last four years.

How does GST work?

It is important to remember the treatment of GST in your grant application is determined by your organisation's GST status. 

  • If you are a non-registered GST organisation, then you should ensure that the grant amount you apply for includes the GST needed to pay the costs of goods and services related to your project 
  • If you are a GST registered organisation, then you should ensure that the amount you apply for excludes GST on the goods and services needed for your project. On a separate line in the application form, note the GST amount that will be incurred - we will pay your organisation the grant amount you seek plus the GST that will be incurred, if your application is successful.

For more information, please refer to the GST document attached below. 

Click here to apply for the Summer funding round.

Contact details

If you have any queries please contact us:


GST Questions and Answers [ pdf 62.06 KB ]