Complaints commitment

Transpower is the owner and operator of the National Grid – the high voltage transmission network made up of lines and substations connecting areas of electricity generation with towns and cities across New Zealand.

Transpower will respond in a timely manner to any complaints made by landowners and/or occupiers using its free internal complaints process. Transpower uses suitably qualified service providers to carry out regular line inspections, maintenance (including access tracks) and vegetation management. The transmission network maps below show the names and contact details of the service providers’ landowner liaison officers by area. In the first instance, Transpower advises landowners and/or occupiers to contact their local landowner liaison officer with any complaints relating to activities on their land.

If the service provider’s landowner liaison officer cannot adequately address a complaint or issue, it will be escalated to Transpower for a response.

Transpower is a member of the independent Utilities Disputes Ltd (formerly Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner) scheme. The Scheme provides a process by which certain complaints can be dealt with, at no charge, if resolution of the complaint is not achieved by Transpower through its internal complaints scheme process.

Customer complaints process [ pdf 23.39 KB ]
North Island transmission network map: landowner liaison contacts [ pdf 783.6 KB ]
South Island transmission network map: landowner liaison contacts [ pdf 839.12 KB ]

For further information, please contact:

Landowner Relations Manager
PO Box 1021, Wellington
0508 526 369 (0508 LANDOWNER)