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This page provides information for investors, including our financial position, bonds and disclosures.

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Investor Highlights

Transpower is rated by S&P Global Ratings.


Our long term credit ratings are:

S&P Global Ratings         AA       Stable


In addition to Transpower’s strong investment grade profile:

  • Transpower is a natural monopoly and is regulated by the Commerce Commission and the Electricity Authority
  • The substantial part of Transpower’s revenue is regulated with stable and predictable cash flows
  • Prudent operational and financial management by experienced management and governance teams
  • Transpower is owned by the New Zealand Crown and operates as a State Owned Enterprise
  • Transpower is focused on sustainability/enabling renewable generation

Read more about our financial and investor highlights in our business factsheet

Investor updates

Listed Bonds

The following domestic bonds are listed on the NZX Debt Market:

Pricing Supplements

Details of our outstanding domestic bonds are listed below:


Trust Deeds

The Trust Deeds for domestic bonds are available here.


We disclose information to NZX, Companies Office and the Crown Ownership Monitoring Unit to ensure transparency of our business and to provide the public with information about the company's performance. You can view a full list of these disclosures on their websites:

NZX disclosures are available on our website here.


Notice to bondholders

Appendix to notice to Bondholders