About Grid Skills

Grid Skills is New Zealand's foremost provider of electricity industry networks skills and competency management services.

We provide National Qualifications Framework unit standards training and assessment, Electricity Workers Registration Board approved programmes, and can tailor-make programmes for other requirements.

NZQA, via an External Evaluation & Review report, rates Grid Skills as being ‘Highly Confident in educational performance’ and 'Confident in capability in self-assessment’ (Category 2).

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To support effective asset management practices within the transmission industry, and to ensure Grid Skills services and deliverables meet current and emerging technical training requirements necessary, the Grid Skills Governance Committee (GSGC) was formed to provide direction and manage high level decisions relating to Grid Skills purpose, business model and deliverables.

In addition to the guidance provided by the GSGC, Grid Skills also uses a diverse range of forums and information channels to connect with transmission industry participants to ensure their industry specific training needs are met.



A qualified and competent workforce that meets current and future transmission industry needs.