MySkills is learning management system used by Grid Skills to manage our training courses, and allows you to request Grid Skills training online.



User accounts have been created for most companies with people who currently undertake Grid Skills training. These include 'Learner' accounts for the people who receive training, and 'Approver' accounts for those people who will approve Learners' requests for training.

How to access MySkills

You will need a user name (usually your email address)  and password before you can log in to MySkills.  

Complete the New Learner form to be setup in MySkills.

When you first log in, you will be prompted to change your password (and then on a regular basis)  the 'change password' screen includes simple instructions on how to create a new password.

What does MySkills provide for Grid Skills Learners and their Approvers?

MySkills is an online tool that allows Learners to:

  • browse for Grid Skills training courses by training name or type, such as Substations, Transmission Lines
  • request a training session, or be placed on a waitlist if the session is full, or be placed on interest tracking and be notified when a course become available
  • view their training records, such as registration details and completed training sessions
  • print certificates for successfully completed training
  • receive email notifications, such as:
    • when their training or waitlist requests have been approved or denied
    • when new sessions are available.

MySkills also allows the Learners’ Approvers to:

  • approve or deny their Learners’ training requests
  • run training reports, such as who has completed what training
  • receive email notifications, such as approving or denying training requests
  • enroll their Learners into training courses on their behalf.

Grid Skills course acceptance guidelines

Some Grid Skills courses require Learners to have met certain prerequisites – they need to have successfully completed other Grid Skills training, and hold current First Aid and CPR certificates, or qualifications from other external training providers. Any prerequisite requirements will be listed in the description for each training course.

Grid Skills reserves the right to deny training requests (for example, if the Learner doesn't hold the necessary prerequisites, or if Grid Skills needs everyone in the session to have the same level of knowledge or ability for safety reasons). If training is denied, Grid Skills will let the Learner know why.

Who needs access to MySkills?

People who need to receive Grid Skills training (the Learners), and the person within their company who approves their training (the Approver), will require access to MySkills.

Please contact your company Approver to request a new Learner account or make changes to your existing account.

New Learner form

If your company doesn't have an Approver account set up in MySkills, please ask your manager to contact Grid Skills.

Contact Grid Skills

User guides and frequently asked questions

If you need any help using MySkills, read the documents below.

Frequently asked questions [ pdf 50.86 KB ]
Learner user guide 




Learner User Guide 2022.pdf [ pdf 3.41 MB ]