Transmission Alternatives

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November 2020: Grid needs index to our 2020 Transmission Planning report  

The index to our 2020 Transmission Planning Report (TPR) which summarises information about future grid needs, is available here [ xlsx 24.61 KB ]

The index briefly describes the need, where it is, and gives an indicative date  when we expect to start investigating the need and potential solutions to it. Where these grid needs arise on connection assets, Distributors are a party to the options investigation and determining the appropriate solution to the grid need.

We only commit resource to a formal investigation once we have a high level of certainty the system need will eventuate. As we work through an investigation we better understand the technical specification of need, such as:

  • size (e.g. extent of capacity gap, high/low voltage, probability of occurrence); and   
  • timing (peak or off-peak, winter or summer, daily etc.).

We have also developed an interactive tool to enable easier access to TPR data.    

We would be pleased to receive any feedback about whether you find the information useful.

Contact David Strang, Senior System Planner at


February 2019: Update and next steps

Our update paper provides our next steps and collates the submissions we received. 

Transmission Alternatives Update and Submissions - February 2019 [ pdf 884.42 KB ]


We have decided to:

  1. Produce then publish an index to our Transmission Planning Report (TPR) to create an index of grid needs where Transmission Alternatives (TAs) may be part of the option set. We will publish such an index for the TPR published in December 2018 by 30 June 2019, this will be made available here when the index has been created;
  2. Provide information on how to register interest in providing TA services to Transpower;
  3. Proactively offer registered TA providers the option to refresh their registration annually, via email or similar. This should help to keep our list of TA options current, including ensuring we have current contact information for each registered TA provider;
  4. Identify a point of contact in the business for TA providers to make enquiries about potential TAs. From February 2019, the contact person is (Senior system planning engineer); 
  5. Alert stakeholders, including registered TA providers, at the earliest stage of our investigation process, being when we confirm a specific and appropriate grid need; 
  6. Continue to point to our Demand Response (DR) program as a platform for TA providers to be paid to provide DR services against specific transmission needs, and cost-effective aggregation of many small TAs at a need location.


How to register interest

To register your interest please use our webform which can be found here.


Transmission Alternatives engagement process: consultation paper
June-August 2018

In July 2018, we released a consultation paper seeking feedback on our proposed process to identify and assess potential opportunities for Transmission Alternatives (TAs), including new distributed generation.

The consultation paper provided our emerging thinking, including:

  1. the principles we propose to apply as we consider TA options alongside grid investment options;
  2. how we think TA providers can engage with us;
  3. how we propose to engage with TA providers; and
  4. your views on other potential initiatives we should consider.

We received thirteen submissions by the close date (10 August 2018), available below, and thank all submitters for their consideration and response. We will produce an update paper in due course.

Should you have any queries regarding this consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Rebecca Osborne, Regulatory & Pricing Manager, on 04 590 8638 or

Consultation paper

TP Consultation Transmission Alternatives - Invitation to Comment - 29 June 2018 [ pdf 1.36 MB ]


Click on a name below to download an individual submission

Counties Power [ pdf 82 KB ]

Energy Strategies Ltd. [ pdf 221.69 KB ]

Independent Electricity Generators Association Incorporated (IEGA) [ pdf 142.36 KB ]

Infratec [ pdf 547.67 KB ]

Mercury [ pdf 418.05 KB ]

Meridian [ pdf 415 KB ]

Major Electricity Users’ Group [ pdf 32.33 KB ]

Northpower [ pdf 223.81 KB ]

Orion [ pdf 319.33 KB ]

Pioneer Energy [ pdf 3.54 MB ]

Trustpower [ pdf 455.89 KB ]

Unison [ pdf 263.56 KB ]

Wellington Electricity [ pdf 444.32 KB ]

An Open Letter regarding the future process for assessing ACOT payments
April 2018

In April 2018, we released an open letter on our intention to determine a draft process for assessing potential investments in distributed generation, as part of a broader consideration of how transmission alternatives should be evaluated by Transpower. Read it here.