Subsidiary companies

Transpower New Zealand Limited and its subsidiary companies are collectively known as the Transpower Group. The directors of these companies are all Transpower employees.

Transpower Group contains the following subsidiary companies:

Halfway Bush Finance Limited

TB and T Limited

These companies were formed during the 2003 cross-border lease transaction and do not undertake trading activities. Their purpose is to hold assets on behalf of the Transpower Group.

Directors: Christopher Sutherland, David Knight
Risk Reinsurance Limited Risk Reinsurance is Transpower’s captive insurance subsidiary. It is the primary insurer on the Transpower Group’s material damage and cables insurance programmes (both electricity and fibre optic). Risk Reinsurance reinsures a portion of this risk with third party insurers.

Directors: David Knight (Chair), John Clarke, Catherine Shaw, Michele Embling

emsTradepoint is a commodity exchange designed to provide anonymity, transparent pricing and transactional certainty to physical energy markets. It currently lists natural gas contracts for delivery in New Zealand. For more information, please visit

Directors: David Knight (Chair), John Clarke, Gordon Davidson

The subsidiaries are all New Zealand registered companies, apart from Risk Reinsurance Limited which is registered in the Cayman Islands.