Asset Management Documentation

Our approach to asset management is documented in a hierarchical structure that provides direct ‘line of sight’ from external business drivers, through our corporate policies, to our asset management activities. 

Asset management documentation consists of the Grid Asset Management Policy, Asset Management Strategy, Lifecycle Strategies (planning, delivery, operations, maintenance and disposal), and Fleet Strategies. 

Document number Document name
AM01 Grid Asset Management Policy [ pdf 83.5 KB ]
AM02 Asset Management Strategy [ pdf 875.72 KB ]
AM03 Planning Lifecycle Strategy [ pdf 1.14 MB ]
AM04 Delivery Lifecycle Strategy [ pdf 808.07 KB ]
AM05 Operations Lifecycle Strategy [ pdf 944.45 KB ]
AM06 Maintenance Lifecycle Strategy [ pdf 801.85 KB ]
AM07 Disposal and Divestments Lifecycle Strategy [ pdf 860.83 KB ]