Our connection process

Our Customer Charter sets out our commitments to our customers and how we’ll work with you to achieve our respective business objectives.  Follow this link to view our Customer Charter.


Transpower's connection process adapts to fit the needs of your connection.  A large complex connection might take over 3 years, a small discrete and simple connection might take less than 18 months.  Our connections process diagram provides a matrix of timing based on your connection.

Concept Assessment Requests

We encourage our customers to contact us directly in the first instance so we can discuss your needs and general Transpower connection considerations. After this, when you are ready to request a concept assessment contact us and we will send you a Concept Assessment questionnaire to complete and if applicable a Transpower Services Agreement.  Once we have the information we need and your agreement to any charges, we will allocate your request to our subject matter experts for assessment.

Turnaround times for Concept Assessments vary depending on the level of customer enquiry.  Transpower's standard turnaround time from concept assessments of average complexity is 25 working days during low levels of enquiry, 35 working days during medium levels of enquiry and 45 working days during high levels of enquiry.  Indicative enquiry levels can be seen on the indicator below. This indicator is updated monthly and enquiry levels at the time of your request may vary from that shown.

Oct 2022  - 29 in progress concept assessment requests, plus a significant volume of investigation requests

Note - the volume shown above indicates Transpower workload relating to Grid connection requests, it does not indicate the volume of commissioning work Transpower is processing as System Operator.

Response times will be longer for very complex requests.  We will discuss this with you directly if applicable.

Your Customer Journey

The image below shows a typical customer journey with Transpower from initial contact through to ongoing operations, lifecycle replacement and connection enhancements.  We can be flexible to meet your needs, so your journey may take a different path.

How will Transpower manage competing connections?

The electricity market in New Zealand is designed to be competitive, encouraging economic investment in new generation to compete against, and potentially replace, existing generation.  As a regulated monopoly Transpower is required to provide open access connections to New Zealand’s power system.  Transpower will connect any new development where the new connection is technically and logistically feasible, the developer covers all costs associated with the connection, and our ability to operate the power system for the benefit of New Zealand is not compromised. Transpower does not consider the economics of a connection and does not provide advice on whether your project will be financially viable.

With open access there is no guaranteed right to transmission capacity beyond the use of the dedicated Transpower assets forming your direct connection to the power system. After you are connected Transpower may connect competing generation to local Transpower assets not dedicated to your connection.

In New Zealand there is also no mechanism to reserve spare circuit breaker panels or other spare capacity. Under New Zealand’s regulated market Transpower commits any spare connection capacity on a first ready first served basis. Spare capacity is committed when we have an approved application for a Transpower connection investigation. We do not allow companies to ‘reserve spots’ earlier in the connection process to mitigate the risk developers might bank connections that will never be built.

For further information on our process check out the information below or contact us at customersolutions@transpower.co.nz:

New customer - information checklist [ pdf 103.34 KB ]

Transpower financial framework for customer connection investments [ pdf 171.31 KB ]