System Operator Engagement

System Operator Engagement 

If you are connecting a generator or battery greater than 1MW in size anywhere in the New Zealand power system, grid or distribution network, you will need to engage with Transpower in our role as System Operator. 

When do I need to provide information to Transpower’s system operator? 

Once you have confirmed your project and decided to proceed with the build, you will need to engage with the System Operator to provide technical asset information (Asset Capability Statement) and to discuss commissioning. 

Prior to this you should familiarise yourself with the Code and electricity market in readiness. While we can help you understand your obligations, you remain responsible for planning to meet, and meeting those obligations, from the planning stage of your project through to the end of your asset’s life when it is decommissioned 


System Operator Companion Guide for Commissioning Generation 

We have published a Companion Guide for Commissioning Generation to aid existing and new Asset Owners alike understand the process they will need to follow with the System Operator to enable the successful development and agreement of a commissioning plan for generation greater than 1MW in size. 

The Companion Guide provides guidance on the typical activities (including connection studies) that need to be considered when planning for, commissioning and testing or decommissioning generation, and the minimum lead times for critical tasks.  This guideline along with other key documents can be found in the Generation connection & dispatch section of our website. 

Contacting the System Operator 

Once you have a confirmed your project and are ready to engage, you can make initial contact with the System Operator by emailing