Policy Statement

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A link to the latest version of the policy statement is available on this page.  During any consultation period links to the consultation pages are also published here.

Transpower as System Operator (SO) has the role to co-ordinate and manage the real time transmission of electricity on the national grid. Obligations are set out in the Electricity Industry Participation Code (the Code) which includes a policy statement.

The SO obligations are set out in Part 7 and 8 of the Code. These obligations include a Policy Statement on how Transpower will meet those obligations.

Policy Statement

The Policy Statement has a biennial review cycle, this is carried out by Transpower as required by the Code.

Below is a summary of submissions received for the 2020 review of the Policy Statement, a draft will now be submitted to the Electricity Authority for consultation.

PS2020 - Summary of Submissions [ pdf 607.02 KB ]