Safety around overhead lines in urban areas

Precautions to take when transmission lines are near.

Look up!

If there is a line above you, take it into consideration. Electricity can jump from transmission line wires (conductors). You do not have to touch them to be electrocuted – just being close can be very dangerous. Always keep yourself or anything you are touching at least 4 metres away from the lines.

TV aerials

If you’re having someone install an aerial at your place, ensure they will be able to maintain the safe separation distances we require (4 metres away from 110 kV lines, 6 metres away from 220 kV lines). Give us a call if you have concerns – it’s not a risk worth taking. Call 0800 THE GRID (0800 843 4743) or contact us here.

Kites and model airplanes

Do not fly kites or model airplanes anywhere near lines. A kite string can act as a conductor for electricity if any part of the kite touches the transmission lines. If you do get a kite snagged on a wire, let go of the string immediately and call us.
Information about operating UAVs (drones) near transmission lines.

General safety precautions

  • Don’t light fires
    Do not light fires under or near lines without first discussing it with Transpower or your network company.

  • Don’t attach something to a transmission structure
    Do not connect metallic objects like fence wires or clothes lines to towers or poles.

  • Don’t plan earthworks, landscaping, or planting close to lines
    Do not build, excavate, dump or stockpile fill or plant trees close to a transmission line. Get in touch if you have questions, or view these pages on safe digging and safe vegetation management.