Safety for DIY-ers and contractors

Stay aware of electrical assets in your environment

Before digging or excavating

It’s extremely important that you put safety first before you get started by requesting plans to see if there is anything underground at your proposed dig site.

It’s free to do this through beforeUdig, a service that helps you to determine the presence of underground assets. Making contact with a live power, gas or telecommunications cable could have extremely serious consequences – the safest thing to do is to ensure there is nothing there before you start.

This service helps protect people, assets and communities. It’s quick and easy. We have an info guide with further advice here

Other building activity

As a DIYer or contractor, you face many safety hazards when it comes to electricity in and outside the home.

Although Transpower’s main safety concern for DIYers and contractors relates to our underground cables and overhead transmission lines, please be aware of other electricity risks such as rewiring (we recommend leaving this to an expert), painting, vegetation management, and equipment use. We recommend contacting your local lines company if you have specific questions.