Keeping our people safe

We are committed to a safe, healthy, and productive workplace for all of our employees and other people who come in contact with our assets.

People and Process

Safety at Transpower is about people doing the right thing, the right way, every time. It’s also about ensuring our systems, processes, procedures and standards drive us to eliminate and reduce hazards and risks – and making sure everyone goes home safely each day. We do everything we can to ensure people are not put at risk, and use strong and effective safety governance to keep focused on these goals.

Safety is our first strategic objective: 'Deliver a safe, zero-harm workplace'. It’s also one of our four corporate values: 'We work with care; We care for each other and our communities and we keep everybody safe – we are open, honest and respectful'.

Safety awareness is part of our everyday working life, and it’s a business priority. A job is well done only if it is completed safely.

Partnering for collaboration

When we work with suppliers, contractors, and other business organisations, safety comes first. We want to ensure that everyone who works on our assets is safe.

We collaborate intensively with our service providers to share and address safety risks, mitigations, and improvements as they work on maintaining and building our transmission network – up, down and across New Zealand. We work together, co-operating with the goal of delivering a zero-harm workplace that sees all staff returning home safely at the end of each day.

Our work incorporates the principles of Safety by Design, where safety risks are eliminated or reduced during design development. This is particularly important in our engagements with engineering consultants.

We also partner with industry organisations to agree together to promote safety messages.

Our safety culture

At Transpower, we take responsibility for our personal safety, and for the safety of others. It is everyone's responsibility - Transpower isn't safe just because of the designs, procedures and standards we have, but by how the actions of all employees, regardless of their role, contribute to our safety culture.

Working in the electricity industry has inherent dangers. To build a culture of safety requires all of us to build safe habits, to stay aware and keep others safe, and to constantly ask ourselves the question: "Am I doing this safely?"

It’s everybody's job to give and receive feedback about safety at work – taking it seriously and not just paying lip service. We all want everyone to go home safely at the end of the day.

We are proud to be working towards a zero-harm work environment.