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Key Contacts within the system operator

Market Insights Group Help Desk

General Enquires

Key Contacts within the System Operator

The following people can be contacted during normal business hours to answer specific queries from the electricity industry. For electricity market enquiries please refer to the helpdesk number and email address below.

Topic Name Contact Details
Ancillary Services

David Katz,
Market & Security of Supply Manager

DDI +64 4 590 8615
Mobile +64 27 344 3043
Compliance and Code matters

Richard Renouf,
Compliance and Impartiality Manager

DDI +64 4 590 7629
Mobile +64 21 324 657
Outage Planning Grant Tuffery,
System Security Manager
DDI +64 7 590 6222
Mobile +64 21 390 597
Security of Supply

David Katz,
Market & Security of Supply Manager

DDI +64 4 590 8615
Mobile +64 27 344 3043
Testing and Commissioning Kevin Wronski,
Principal Compliance Engineer
DDI +64 7 590 6219
Mobile +64 21 513 996

Market Insights Group Help Desk

About the Market Insights Group

The Market Insights Group is responsible for the day to day management of the electricity market services of the system operator function. This includes provision of the system operator service provider function under the Electricity Industry Participation Code (the Code).

These functions provide for:

  • the procurement and management of contracts for ancillary services (black start, frequency keeping, voltage support and instantaneous reserves) to meet grid security objectives;
  • the support of the competitive wholesale market, in which individual generators and energy retailers compete to buy and sell energy;
  • the ongoing development of frameworks, tools and systems to link the wholesale market to the physical generation and transmission equipment and systems; and,
  • the monitoring and compliance of the system operators obligations under the Code.

The Market Insights Team within the System Operator can assist with any market-related queries.

Please call our helpdesk phone on +64 4 590 7470 or email during normal business hours.

General Enquiries

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