Electricity Market

We run the Electricity Market according to the principal performance obligations outlined by the Electricity Authority in the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 (the 'Code').

Ancillary Services

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We procure ancillary services from contracted market participants to support the reliable operation of the New Zealand power system. Click on the titles below to read more on each of these services.

The Procurement Plan sets out the mechanisms we use for procuring ancillary services, as well as the technical requirements and key contractual terms applying to each service.
We use frequency keeping services to manage short term supply and demand imbalances to ensure that the system frequency is maintained at or near 50 Hz.
We procure over-frequency reserve from generating units that can be armed when required and automatically disconnected from the power system due to a sudden rise in system frequency.
Instantaneous reserve is generating capacity, or interruptible load, available to operate automatically in the event of a sudden failure of a large generating plant or the HVDC link.
In the unlikely event of an island-wide black-out, we would procure Black start services from our generation suppliers. This would mark the first step towards restoring the system.
Voltage support is provided by generating units or static equipment capable of producing or absorbing reactive power.

Setup and Information

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We have published some useful information for market participants about our processes used to operate the electricity market, forms for market participants wishing to participate in the electricity market.  

Frequency keeper selection is based on the availability fee, constrained on/off costs required to get the frequency keeper to the mid-point of its band and a worst-case estimate of constraint on cost.
If an infeasibility or a high spring washer price situation occurs then the prices calculated cannot be made final, this page explains the process we use to resolve these situations.
We prepare a forecast of demand at conforming grid exit points (GXPs) for each trading period.
We provide scheduling and dispatch services under the Electricity Industry Participation Code (the 'Code').