Technical Advisory Services

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The Electricity Authority has the ability to procure technical advisory services from Transpower under an agreement called TAS (Technical Advisory Services).

Some of the reports resulting from this service are published below. For further information or to provide feedback about the underlying initiatives and concepts these reports support, please contact the Electricity Authority.

TAS Number Date Accepted by EA Description Reports
33 July 2014 Wind Generation and the Effect  on the Inertia of New Zealand's Power System TASC 033 report [ pdf 11.47 MB ]
34 June 2014 Investigation into Over Frequency Reserve Arrangements TASC 034 report [ pdf 835.96 KB ]
35 June 2014 Investigation into the Over Provision of Interruptible Load TASC 035 Report [ pdf 820.59 KB ]
36 June 2014 Wind Reserves Offering into the Market TASC 036 Report [ pdf 778.55 KB ]