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The following is a list of agreements the system operator has in place with other parties covering step change and local quality.



Title Date Description
Summary SO-NZAS Step change agreement [ pdf 120.97 KB ] 20 Dec 2012 The System Operator at Transpower has entered into an instantaneous demand change agreement (the Step Change Agreement) with New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited (NZAS). The Step Change Agreement allows NZAS to make step changes in load at the Tiwai aluminium smelter that exceed the maximum instantaneous demand change limit in clause 39 of the Policy Statement. The agreement commenced on 01 January 2013.

The Step Change Agreement does not represent any change to the manner in which pot line reductions and onloads are currently managed and reflects current operational practice.
LQA - Signed Agreement [ pdf 340.68 KB ]


LQA - Special Condition Offer [ pdf 142.1 KB ]
26 Feb 2004 Transpower and the System Operator have agreed to publish the transitional LQA agreement that parties entered into just before the EGRs became effective in 2004. This was intended to negate the need for a rule change under the EGRs. Publication of this agreement and the schedule will considerably improve transparency for Asset Owners on the voltage profiles the System Operator manages for agreed parts of the grid.