Testing Requirements and Compliance Reporting for Extended Reserve

Transpower as system operator has created the extended reserve compliance report template and made changes to the Companion Guide for Testing of Assets.

The extended reserve compliance report template demonstrates the depth of information anticipated to allow review of whether an asset owner’s automatic under frequency load shedding (AUFLS) system meets the requirements of the Extended Reserve Technical Requirements Schedule (TRS). The report template is designed to be an example of what is anticipated, however, asset owners my provide an equivalent level of information in a report method asset owners deem suitable to meet their obligations under the TRS.

The purpose of the companion guide is to provide guidance on test objectives and required test results for routine tests and commissioning tests for assets. A section on AUFLS relay testing guidelines is included in the document.

GL-EA-766 Companion Guide for Testing of Distribution Assets [ pdf 1.18 MB ]
DT-EA-601 Extended Reserve Example TRS Compliance Report [ docx 492.18 KB ]