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Current Hydro Situation Island Inflows and Storage Contingent Storage

For security of supply purposes, hydro storage is divided into two categories; controlled and contingent storage. Generators can use controlled storage at any time, but contingent storage may only be used during defined periods of shortage or risk of shortage. During sustained dry periods, controlled and contingent storage are important indicators of overall supply risks. Storage is expressed in gigawatt-hours – GWh (a measure of the energy that can be produced using the water).

Current Hydro Situation

Total available storage for New Zealand is below average for this time of the year.

The chart below compares current storage at each hydro lake, seven days ago, and the historic average for this time of year. 

Island Inflows and Storage

The charts below show storage over the last 13 weeks and rolling 7 day inflows for the last year in North and South Islands. 

  • Over the last week (Tuesday to Tuesday) available storage in the North Island has increased and the South Island has increased.
  • Inflows over the last 4 weeks (Tuesday to Tuesday) in the North Island have been below average and in the South Island they have been above average.
North Island South Island

Contingent Storage

Contingent storage is stored hydro that is only made available for generation at specific times to mitigate the risk of shortage. Current available contingent storage is shown on the following graph.

For more information on contingent storage and the conditions of its use, refer to the documents below.

Contingent Storage additional information [ pdf 167.95 KB ]
SOS101 - Contingent Storage [ pdf 175.52 KB ]