Dispatch Service Enhancement Project FAQ's

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The FAQs list below covers frequently asked questions and answers. This list will be updated as new FAQs come up.

FAQs (updated July 2018).

Question Answer
What (technical) documentation will I receive during the delivery phase to help me implement the changes?

Transpower will make available the following documentation available to industry participants:

  • High Level Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Technical Specification Document
I am from a software development company interested in developing a Dispatch Web Services Client for connected participants, how do I access the information I need?

Please contact the Project Manager, Marije Postma.

Contact details are on the DSE project page of this website.

How do I get access to any of the documentation?

If you like to receive a copy of the below documentation when it becomes available, please send a request through to the Project Manager, Marije Postma.

  • High Level Design (available now)
  • Detailed Design
  • Technical Specification Document
Will the alternate communications protocols (including public-facing web services) be able to dispatch all current dispatch Products?

Transpower will make dispatch of all current dispatch products available over ICCP and Web Services, using a dedicated physical connection.

As part of the project, Transpower will review whether it would be prudent to dispatch all current dispatch products (or a sub-set) over public-facing internet.

How do I get regular updates on the Dispatch Service Enhancement Project?

As well as being able to get involved at Industry workshops, Transpower has a Dispatch Service Enhancement Project page on its website, which covers background information.

You can subscribe to the Dispatch Service Enhancement Project page and be notified by email when new content has been added.

As a dispatch participant, what do I need to do to be prepared for the transition after the project is completed?

The GENCO software will be phased out after the project has been completed.

Participants will have the option to adopt ICCP and/or Web Services as the mechanism for receiving and acknowledging dispatch Instructions from Transpower.

Participants will be required to integrate these APIs into their existing applications, or develop a new front end application to replace the GENCO software.

What will Transpower provide to enable participants to move off their GENCO smoothly?

Transpower will provide application interfaces and documentation for participants to use to receive dispatch information. (refer FAQs at the top of this page)

Participants currently integrated to Transpower over ICCP will need to add a new configuration that supports the various dispatch instructions they currently receive.

Participants are responsible for the configuration at their site and routing data into their SCADA system and presenting the information to their users.

Participants planning to use Web Services will need to develop a Web Services application in a compatible technology of their choosing.

What is a Service Enhancement Initiative?

The project is categorised as a service enhancement initiative, and funding approval is required to be sought through the appropriation consultation process.

As per the SOSPA, a service enhancement initiative is a Transpower initiated project with the objective to change, enhance or introduce new services, market tools and/or interfaces that provide Industry benefit and would require Industry endorsement.

Also, it requires Authority approval to proceed if:

  • it is in the recent capex plan
  • has undergone EA appropriation consultation
  • provides Industry net benefit
  • it is consistent with the SO strategic plan and SO ICT strategic roadmap

Refer the SOSPA cl. 17.5

When will GENCO no longer be used for sending and receiving dispatch instructions?

The GENCO is running out of support in 2020.

As mentioned in the appropriation consultation document, December 2020 has been recommended to be the end date for supporting GENCO for dispatch management. We suggest participants to work towards this timeframe.