Future Security and Resilience

Our electricity system needs to remain secure and resilient as Aotearoa transitions to a zero carbon future. We know there will be new challenges to meet as well as fresh opportunities to support the transition.  

We've been engaged by the Electricity Authority to help develop a shared understanding among New Zealand power system stakeholders about these opportunities and challenges.

Our draft report 

On 16 November 2021, the Electricity Authority published the first part of this work, our draft report Opportunities and challenges to the future security and resilience of the New Zealand power systemAccompanying it is a discussion paper and an invitation to a series of online workshops where the Electricity Authority will seek feedback on the draft report. You can book for these workshops here. We encourage industry participants and stakeholders to participate in this consultation.

The Electricity Authority's Future Security and Resilience project

This draft report represents phase one of the Electricity Authority's work in this area. Phase two will see us take the main findings from the sector engagement to develop a roadmap, outlining the work required and priorities. There will be another round of consultation and feedback on the roadmap. Phase three will include a detailed programme of work relating to the revised roadmap. 

This project forms part of the Electricity Authority’s response to the Government’s Electricity Price Review, and is part of their work to address the transition to a low-emissions energy system.