National Winter Group

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From 2009-2016 we were the convener of an industry participant group that was established to determine possible power system issues during the winter season. This was supported by annual reports, published below.

In 2016 we reviewed the effectiveness of our winter capacity margin reporting and identified an opportunity to consolidate our efforts in this area. We are phasing out the National Winter Group (NWG) report and from 2017 onwards, these insights can be found in the New Zealand Generation Balance (NZGB) reports. Not only is the NZGB reporting a fit-for-purpose replacement for the annual NWG report, but is also an improvement - the NZGB is updated daily whereas the NWG is published once each winter.

The NZGB reporting is available at this link:

We will continue to engage with the members of the National Winter Group on relevant matters, where needed.

For any questions please email

Access to the NZGB

Access to the application is available to anyone with a POCP account. If you'd like access, please create an account on POCP. If you already have a POCP account, the same credentials will work on NZGB.

Previous National Winter Group Reports

Title Date
National Winter Group 2017: Capacity Margin Report [ pdf 835.98 KB ] Twin Peaks and Differences [ pdf 713.07 KB ] 6 Apr 2017
National Winter Group 2016 [ pdf 1.41 MB ] 4 May 2016
National Winter Group 2015 [ pdf 2.17 MB ] 20 Apr 2015
National Winter Group Report to the SRC October 2014 [ pdf 601.82 KB ] 13 Oct 2014
National Winter Group 2014 [ pdf 1.14 MB ] 7 Mar 2014
National Winter Group 2013 [ pdf 1.31 MB ] 1 Mar 2013
National Winter Group 2012 [ pdf 820.69 KB ] 27 Apr 2013
National Winter Group 2011 [ pdf 2.31 MB ] 15 June 2011
National Winter Group 2010 [ pdf 917.15 KB ] 16 April 2010
National Winter Group 2009 [ pdf 303.76 KB ] 12 May 2009